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Jewish Łodz Tour
Jewish Łodz Tour

In the 19th century, Lodz became a powerful manufacturing center in the European textile industry. At the beginning, the city owed its great development to a unique  ...

Tykocin Tour- Polish shtetl
Tykocin Tour- Polish shtetl

The name of Tykocin was first mentioned in the 11th century. Town received city rights from Mazovian prince Janusz I in 1425. ...

Treblinka Extermination Camp Tour
Treblinka Extermination Camp

Extermination camp in Treblinka was built by Germans in mid-1942 near the already existing Penal Labour Camp. The extermination site was established within  ...

Auschwitz Birkenau Tour
Auschwitz Birkenau Tour

The concentration camp in Auschwitz was established by Nazis on the outskirts of the town Oswiecim in 1940. After the war, the camp was turned into museum displaying evidence of the genocide. Block no. 11, known as the Death Block ...

Majdanek Concentration Camp Tour
Majdanek Concentration Camp

A tour to the former Nazi concentration camp near Lublin-among an estimated 150,000 prisoners who entered Majdanek, 80,000 people, including 60,000 Jews, were killed - shot or murdered in gas chambers ...

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