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Warsaw City


Warsaw City Tour
Warsaw City Tour, Charm, history and contrasts in Poland's capital

I invite You for five hours walking and driving sightseeing tour along the key spots of the Old and New Warsaw. We pay a visit Old Town listed by UNESCO as World Heritage List as well as the Royal Castle ...

Royal Castle Tour
Royal Castle Tour

The original residence of Polish kings and later the seat of the Polish parliament, the 17th-century castle was completely destroyed by Germans in the Warsaw Uprising in 1944 and its aftermath

Jewish Warsaw Tour
Trolley, Ghetto

The Warsaw Ghetto as a prewar Jewish district in Warsaw does not exists. That is true it is still possible to find fragments of Ghetto ,but the essence of this part of the city, the sealed district of Warsaw ...

Genealogy Research Tour
Genealogy Research Tour

Many of my customers come from abroad, but their surnames sound familiar to Poles. The Polish diaspora or "Polonia" has spread around the globe, and it is estimated that 3% of U.S. , 2. 5% of Canadian ...

Royal Łazienki Park & Palace Tour
Palace On The Water

Lazienki Park is one of the European finest complexes and it attracts many visitors every year. Originally laid out in 17th century at the site of medieval hunting forest ...

Frederic Chopin Tour
Frederic Chopin

Frederic Chopin is undoubtedly the best known resident of Warsaw. He spent in Warsaw first 20 years of his life. Here he studied music learned the manners of society  ...

Royal Route Tour
Krakowskie Przedmiescie

The Royal Route is one of the most representative arteries of Warsaw. It starts at Castle Square, goes through Krakowskie Przedmieście Street ...

Old Town & New Town Tour
Warsaw - Old Town

Old Town was historical , economical and political heart and oldest part of the city, and now it is also a living, breathing cultural salon. Founded in the 13th century  ...

Palace & Museum in Wilanów Tour
Wilanow Palace

The Wilanów Palace is one of the most precious monuments of Polish Baroque. The impressive building combines elements of an aristocratic mansion, an Italian garden villa...

The Best Of Warsaw Tour
The Best Of Warsaw Tour

Are you interested in tailor made tours in Warsaw? Do you have your own idea for your stay in Warsaw? Tired of mass tours with 40 people in a crowdy bus?...

Warsaw Uprising 1944 Tour
Warsaw Uprising 1944 Tour

The two-month battle of the Warsaw Uprising 1944 was a part of a bellicose scheme code-named “Operation Tempest”, in which the plan to start ...

Praga - Old district of Warsaw Tour
Wilanow Palace

This is the oldest part of the right-bank Warsaw. The Praga was not destroyed during World War II , and today, becomes a very attended site where many artist ...

Socialist realism in Warsaw Tour
Warsaw Construction Square

Socialist realism in Poland (Polish: socrealizm) was introduced to the postwar People's Republic of Poland by a decree of the communist Deputy Minister...

Warsaw during World War II Tour
Warsaw during World War II Tour

History has not spared this part of Europe:Warsaw has more than once been thougt of as invicible city. During this Tour You will find out, that during World War II...

Not only for the soul but also for the body
Borsch - Barszcz

Today Warsaw boasts a big variety of all kinds of coffee-shops and restaurants. Meals from all over the world may be tried in thousands of eateries, spread all over the city ...

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